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 Product Engineering Capabilities

​Systems Engineering and Integration, Rapid Prototyping, and Mission-Focused Solutions through Creative Design and Development of Quality Products

Smartronix provides Mission-Focused Engineering for tactically oriented, mission-critical requirements in support of the Department of Defense, including many first-responder and special operations forces. Our engineers specialize in electronic systems design, embedded processor-based design, mechanical engineering and packaging, multi-layer printed circuit board design, real-time and embedded programming, rapid prototyping, and product development. The newly expanded Smartronix research and development laboratory and engineering production facility includes 25,000 square feet of dedicated space to support the latest requirements in mission-critical, rapidly deployed, command post communications.


Product IntegrationProdIntgr.jpg

The Smartronix production lab houses such tools as multiple micro-mini soldering stations allowing for board level, chip component, and surface mount in-house proto-typing,​ and in-house fabricated test support equipment. In the electronic design and test labs, there are a variety of electronic engineering capabilities, including a spectru​m analyzer, logic analyzer, digital oscilloscope, waveform generator, temperature chamber, and a thermal imaging camera to detect heat on circuit boards. Multi-layer printed circuit board design, embedded processor integration, and electronic component testing are core capabilities.


Software Development

The software development lab has a dedicated server, multiple Dell Optiplexes running VMware, significant data storage, and can be set up as a self-contained network lab. Smartronix software engineers specialize in application development, integration, and testing, and electronic component firmware and device driver development, integration, and testing.

Mechanical Engineering and MachiningMech_Eng.jpg

Smartronix maintains a full suite of tools in support of our engineering department. In addition to drill presses, hand tools, bench saws, and various power supplies, Smartronix has more sophisticated, rigorous production and manufacturing tools. These tools include multiple milling machines for producing custom components using foam, plastic, or metal; a mechanical and a laser engraver; a gas vacuum chamber that produces custom molded pieces such as specialized cable grommets; a 3-D printer for quickly prototyping components; a water-jet cutting tool to outfit custom-fitted cases for electronic systems; and a powder-coating room. Smartronix is not only prepared to design and prototype engineering solutions, but is fully able to sustain a production run to support fielding of custom end-user components.


Systems IntegrationSystems Integration.jpg

Smartronix’ new facility has several thousand square feet of dedicated lab space in support of electronic systems integration. The Smartronix systems integration lab has been central to the production and testing of multiple USMC Tactical Collaborative Work Suites (TCWS), and a mobile datacenter integrated into a 20’ ISO container in support of the Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps (GCSS-MC) Logistics Chain Management Block I effort.​