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 Health Data Management, Assurance, and Informatics

HealthData_hdrimage.jpgSmartronix offers health data management solutions that help integrate health data and information across systems and enterprises, reduce redundancy, and improve the safety and quality of patient care. Smartronix can:

  • Analyze, prioritize, and cleanse CHCS/AHLTA Patient and Provider Files and refine data management policies and procedures to promote long-term sustainability
  • Integrate positive database governance and data stewardship methodologies into the clinical information system development and production lifecycle
  • Establish, protect, and preserve clinical data quality, integrity, security, and confidentiality through a holistic combination of procedural and technical safeguards
  • Develop enterprise technical and data consolidation solutions to enable the efficient, cost- effective, secure, and reliable utilization of health information across the Enterprise
  • Implement enterprise data management technologies, to include specialized software tools for data profiling, data warehousing, bulk data cleansing, matching, and standardization
  • Deliver data architectures that facilitate rapid, secure data delivery and seamless workflow collaboration