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 Rapid Response Technical Support

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The RRTS contract was developed to provide C4ISR capability and other Information Technology (IT) services and prototypes to the Combatant Commands, Intelligence Community, and other Federal agencies.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Team Members


Task Areas





Program Management Support

Management and oversight of all activities performed by contractor personnel, including subcontractors, to satisfy the requirements identified in the Performance Work Statement (PWS). This task is fully defined and awarded for the base year.


Project Support

Project Management and oversight of all project level activities performed by contractor personnel, including subcontractors, to satisfy the requirements identified in the TDL. Specifically, development, engineering, and integration of a deliverable, usually in the form of a prototype, involving the collection, process and exploitation, and/or dissemination of operational requirements.


Research & Analysis Support

Research and analysis support to include characterizing, demonstrating, and evaluating emerging ISR technologies by developing custom identification, collection, interpretation, and evaluation systems necessary to assess systems in such areas as Cloud, Big Data, mobility, and processing/exploitation/ dissemination.


Information Assurance (IA)  Support

Provide IA assistance to units involved in classified activities, establish and maintain accreditation for all information systems operating within a classified environment, and develop and maintain system security plans outlining security operating procedures.


Training Support

Training for demonstrations, exercises, operational systems training, and mission training. Operational systems training shall address operator/maintainer interfaces with the system, including normal and degraded modes of operation. Mission training shall include the operating environment, threats, political concerns, and special operating considerations.


General Requirements Support

General requirements support, to include providing logistics support, software and hardware support, operations and maintenance support, operator procedures, systems integration and demonstration, and exercise preparation support.​


Smartronix RRTS POC​

Tim Dunigan​

301-373-6005 (office)

240-538-4852 (mobile)

Smartronix GSA Alliant PM

Keith "Bull" Miller​

Phone: 540-658-1146 x325 

Smartronix RRTS Contract Administrator 

Melinda Armsworthy

301-373-6000 x314​



·        RRTS is a rapid vehicle, ideal for addressing fast-moving requirements for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities and IT services

·        Technical Direction Letters (TDLs) are expedited with an approval process through GSA FEDSIM and the NAVAIR Rapid Response Program Office (RRPO)

·        TDLs may operate from as little time as a few months to two years (each uniquely executed under the RRTS TO)

·        A task can be "turned on" in as little as two weeks from the time a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) is received and in some cases sooner

·        While IT services are the primary focus, products related to the service requirement also are permitted for purchase and integration

·        Focused RRTS PMO to assist teammates and potential customers from requirements development through project execution; based out of the Smartronix Hollywood, MD HQ facility

·        Five cost reimbursable task areas (Tasks 2-6) provide potential customers a wide range of IT ISR services

·        Team RAPID 1 encompasses a diverse and exceptional team of service providers in the IT ISR arena

·        Customers have access to a contract vehicle that supports OCONUS deployments and COCOM sponsored Foreign Military Sales (FMS) projects​​



Contract Name:

Rapid Response Technical Support​ (RRTS)


NAVAIR - Rapid Reaction Program Office (RRPO)

Contract Type:

Task Order (TO) established on the pre-awarded GSA Alliant GWAC (with GSA FEDSIM)  

Contract Number:


Task Order:


Agency Service Fee:             

Fees may be applied as negotiated with RRPO

IT Solutions:

6 Primary Task Areas (PM, Project, Research & Analysis, IA, Training, and General                                                       Requirements Support)

Contract Type Supported:

Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF) 

Ceiling :


Period of Performance :

5-year (base year + four 1-year options; 1/20/2015 - 1/19/2020)