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DMPC™  Deployable Mission Planning Cell

The Deployable Mission Planning Cell (DMPC™) is a fully integrated stand alone system that supports multi-echelon combat mission planning activities for forward deployed units in remote and austere environments. Simply put, the DMPC is a “Mission/Operations Planning Capability in a Box”. Providing an independently deployable workstation/area in a rugged case, the DMPC’s rugged case lids transform into a sturdy table and stools, with legs that fold in during shipment or non-operation.

DMPC™ + Larger View

The DMPC is capable of operating in a stand alone mode or can be integrated into virtually any Ethernet-based networking environment. The nucleus system consists of a single deployable rugged case, approximately 29 inches deep and 32 in height, which provides 15U of networking, storage, and shelf space for housing all the components needed for complete mission planning: a compact fusion consisting of a server, a high volume data storage device, a durable color printer (with special no spill ink), built in keyboard and display, and a video projector. The case allocates space and has connection ports for a PRC 117/119 multiband radio, video tape recorder (VTR), and secure telephone equipment (STE) as well as office supplies necessary to support field planning. Quick setup or pack out capability is enhanced by full integration of the unit, streamlined wiring, and a single plug in point.

The DMPC, when integrated with Smartronix' Deployable Secure Wireless Network (DSWN™) Suite, offers wireless SIPRNET capability for secure data transmission. With DSWN, you can quickly add workstations for your unit's planning staff. The DSWN features Panasonic ToughBooks enhanced with Smartronix Stress Reliefs™ to protect the Harris SecNet 11 wireless cards, which provide a secure wireless footprint of up to 300 feet indoors and up to 1000 feet if operating in the open. The complete solution, along with a Global UPS, makes the DMPC a powerful stand alone tool for any deployable element requiring complete mission planning in a tactical environment.

The DSWN suite and the Global UPS come in their own separate rugged cases. The Global UPS is a compact portable and rugged device that allows uninterrupted clean power to the DMPC primary system - so whether you are pulling power from the host nation or from military generators, the UPS will keep the power clean, as well as protect your DMPC from surges and fluctuations.

The DMPC can be used in a variety of tactical environments including attack aviation planning and coordination (fixed and rotor wing) and virtually any Special Operations mission or exercise.

Smartronix Value Added
Smartronix engineers can provide customized variants to the DMPC system based on specific end-user requirements. All feasible options are discussed with the client during the requirements phase. We then bring to bear our ability to resource the best components suited to meet the customer's needs, at competitive prices, providing the best value added solution. We fully integrate all DMPC components, run system integrity tests, and can provide system configuration, integration, and/or training services.